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Trivet, Multi, Dia. 20cm (CE-TR-08155)
Ref: CE-TR-08155

Star shaped trivet features a geometric design incorporating arabesque scrollwork, red tulips radiating from a nazar boncuk and cintemani motifs. Tulips were introduced during Ottoman times in the 16th century and symbolise submission, modesty and true love. Nazar boncuk is a talisman believed to protect against the evil-eye by looking straight back at the spell-caster to guard against any negative energy. Çintemani is formed from 3 pearls and symbolises power, strength and protection. The trivets are manufactured using a heat press to apply the motif. The pattern is printed in sublimating ink on sublimating paper which allows the pattern to transfer. The results are eyecatching designs in vibrant colours.
Dia. 20cm. All sizes are approximate.